Shock  Horrors

Est. 2020

Welcome to my spooky store!


I'm Abbi, the creator behind Shock Horrors.

 I've always had a huge interest in making spooky items, especially artwork. My prints actually began as drawings for my tattoo portfolio, but soon became a fun project for me, combining my favorite art style and characters. With this all being shared through Instagram, they soon attracted a lot of interest and I figured, why not sell them?



Environmental Details

Everything you see on this site is done by myself, from drawing prints to answering emails and orders- even cutting stickers and painting my packaging by hand! The only things outsourced are my larger prints, which are FSC certified. 


With all packaging I use environmentally friendly options, so you can recycle all card mailers and cellophane bags (just remove the label!). The confetti included is also completely handmade and biodegradable.

Returns are currently not accepted, due to a lot of items being made to order and payment going towards materials and time, however please contact me if there are any issues with what you have received!



If you ever see something you would like slightly different, message me! I love making custom versions of projects for people. I feel so lucky to have left my retail job to do something I absolutely love. Thank you for helping me make this happen!


-Abbi x